Frequently Asked Questions


Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and with a UAE Application, you can visit all the seven Emirates of UAE. Citizens of all countries have to get a UAE Application, except for those belonging to GCC nations: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Everyone, irrespective of age, has to get a UAE Application. Infants and kids of all non-UAE citizens have to get a UAE Application before flying to the country.

Citizens of the following countries do not require to apply for a Application beforehand; they are eligible for Application on arrival: Some of the North American, European and Far East countries, including USA< UK< Portugal, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iceland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Australia. However, the list of Application-waiver countries is likely to change. Hence, always check with the local embassy or a reliable Application service provider before you start planning for your Dubai or UAE holiday.

You can apply for the Dubai Application online. On the other hand, a friend or relative of yours in the UAE can apply for a Application on your behalf.

Different types of UAE Applications are available which include visit Application, tourist Application, transit Application, business Application, etc. You can apply for one of them according to the purpose and duration of your visit.

Rayna Tours has years of experience in the Application process field, and hence offers quick and easy Application process. With us, you do not require a local sponsor. Moreover, you can get your UAE Application with minimal documentation. Rayna Tours does not ask for a cash deposit. In addition, we provide you with a paper Application, making it possible for you to enter UAE without any issues. While the regular Application process takes anywhere around 3-4 days, we also offer emergency Application process where we would be able to get your UAE Application within a shorter period of time.

Scanned copy of your passport (with minimum 6 months validity) and passport-size coloured photos are the two main requirements for electronic UAE Application. Kindly check out our documents section to know all the details.

Although it does not take more than 3-4 days for the UAE Application process, it is always best to apply for the Application well in advance. This would help you to make your travel plans without any worries about Application.

Yes. You do not need to have a valid Application while applying for a ticket to UAE.

Legal action, hefty penalty and deportation are the consequences of overstaying in the UAE without renewing the Application.

Yes! With a valid Application, you can enter and exit from any of the various airports in the UAE.

Generally , it takes anywhere between 3-4 days to get a Application. However, it also depends on quick submission of all the necessary documents and meeting all the eligibility norms.

application fee would vary as per the type of application you want to apply for. You can contact our travel experts at +971 561168614 and +91 2066838808 or email at for any queries regarding UAE visa.

Yes, you can track the status of the application through the link in the authentication mail that you would receive once your application is submitted. If you have applied for your application through an agent, you can call him or her to know the status too.

Once your Application is submitted to Immigration Department, the Application Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE whether it is approved or rejected or in the event that your application is approved but you are unable to travel to UAE.

No, usually the UAE immigration authorities do not provide reason for UAE application rejection.

Yes, you can reapply for UAE application if you meet all the important norms or rules.

This decision rests on the UAE immigration authorities and would depend on the verification of your documents and certain criteria at the entry point.

Yes, you would be able to enter UAE with a valid application.